Water pot of nature

  • Water pot of nature (Baobab (Adansonia digitata))
  Do you know this plant?this plant has wonderful adaptations to store water.This tree has a trunk with dimensions of up to a maximum circumference of nine metres and a maximum height of eighteen meters.During rainy season,the soft,white fibrous stem fills in and stores about 100 000 litres of water which is important to the tree for thrive through the six month long dry season.In this tree,the flowers are bloom before the leaves start to grow.The flowers are large and white. This tree is also important in other ways such as in the past the people have quenched their thirst by the stored water of this plant and the fruit of this tree is like a gourd and highly nutritious,leaves are a delicious vegetable and by the fibre of the trunk,the ropes can be  made.

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